“ Despite the Oric 1 keyboard calculator, the great graphics and sound made me choose this machine...
A bit before receiving my order I was informed that the oric 1 was no longer for sale and would be replaced by the oric 2. I didnt know what I had bought! And I was surprised when I discovered that my gift was called atmos, and had a real keyboard.

For me this machine means freedom creation. With other one that could be 'this thing authorized and this other one is prohibited because too complicated for you, because you are just a primary schoolboy'. the contents of oric Handbook means 'I explains to you gently in the beginning, after it will go faster, and in the end, does what you want with, you are the boss' ”

  Meeting CEO de juin
dimanche 9 juin 2013
Le prochain meeting Oric sur Paris aura lieu le Samedi 15 Juin 2013 !

Il se tiendra de 14 heures à 18 heures au premier étage à l'adresse suivante:

17 rue des petits Hôtels

A deux pas des gares de l'Est et du Nord. Venez nombreux!

Bouffe possible avant, vers 12h00, au "Relais des Deux Gares", sur le boulevard Magenta, en face de la rue des Petits Hotels.

E-mail: ceo(at)oric(.)org
Web: http://www.oric.org/?page=ceo

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Le diamant de l'île maudite

1984 - Bertrand D'Armagnac & Frederic Baille

“Aaaah, that was an excellent adventure game ! Very good interpreter that tells you immediatly while you're typing if the word is known or not. Excellent graphics. 2 parts, both of about 40Kb... And above all, simply a good game :-)”

“Et oui encore un jeu Français , qui fût un évenement à sa sortie, vive Oric!”

“Ma cassette n'a jamais tres bien marchée, mais les rares lancements reussi de ce jeu m'ont impressionné. ”